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I decided to grasp a literary technique that would lead me in my writing work. I mean I decided to use a plain language to describe simple things as complicated ones for reading ease. Twelve characters who had been subject in my previous books that are classified as « fantasy » – « sf » each character has a particularity. Twelve characters, twelve scientific personalities belonging to a clan emanating from a mysterious descent from Templars up to China.

It’s therefore not a coincidence that Leonard Templer, a French chemical astrophysicist represents France, the country which is most familiar, best known and also the dearest to me, then Orson Trueman who represents the United States of America where I have some ties, links that I dissect even through watching Hollywood films or « news », William Lorren from London who manages the center which brings together all the participants, then the eccentric character of Hans Gotten the German psychiatrist and scientist, Alberto Salicio Italian with a singing accent, a bit of a women beset, Vladimir Toumanov the Russian astrophysicist nostalgic for the history of his immense country, Baltazar Sharif of Egypt represents the mystery and also the one that is linked to the great pyramids, Solomon, living in Israel the center world of monotheistic religions bearing all the belief questions, Frank Guillem very distant since living in Australia and also in Scotland his home place, facing the historical mysteries linked to the Templars and the Catarrhs and ancient legends, just like Andrew Sanders anthropologist on mission for decades in Nairobi in Kenya, then Pedro Simon from Peru from the South American continent far away but also close by the Latin roots of the Spanish and Portuguese and Christian languages ​, and Tchang Wising the Chinese personage linked to his inseparable friends by roots originating fromCOUVERTURE PICTORIENS 001 as back as to the peregrinations of Genghis Khan and a Catholic bishop who accompanied him to China to try to install his religion there. I had fun placing one of my character traits in each of them, even exaggerating a bit for « fun » as they say. It is quite entertaining and an entertaining reading as it touches on the history of the world, its legends and beliefs and it’s also space adventure up to « Trappist-1e » exoplanet of the « Trappist » star system. Beneditto Giacometti is a very old man, a wise one in their organization but also a high-level scientist who held a high-level position within the LHC Geneva-Fernet Voltaire, he had the extreme courage to embark with his wife Angelina on board of a spaceship (rather a space island of five kilometers length by two wide) built by Man. It was planned from the start that they were to return to Earth by a secondary vessel, but unexpectedly with the help of extraterrestrial Pictorians who use the “instanton” cutting and shortening time and space…

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Ce que j’écris


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Установка на ПУ


J’écris sur ce qui passionne surtout la jeunesse, les autres aussi mais à notre époque ce sont bien les jeunes gens et les jeunes filles qui croient dans les avancées du futur.

Aux intrépides j’ai écrit ce roman, une histoire complète de la conquête spatiale de notre époque et projection de son avancement jusqu’en 2030. On peut aisément faire un film d’aventure de cette histoire, une aventure spatiale mais sans flashes répétés incompréhensibles comme pour les jeux vidéo, car il s’agit d’une histoire humaine dans laquelle la réflexion et la concentration priment avant tout.

Roman – Voyages dans de nombreux pays – Construction aérospatiales – Voyages sur la planète Mars – Station géostationnaire – Stations spatiales de Kourou, Falaise Crevaux, Houston, Plessetsk, Baïkonour. – Nombreux pays impliqués dans une aventure qui se déroulera probablement selon cette vision de l’avenir spatial au niveau mondial.





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