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Neutral FILMMAKERS of science fiction


Only a neutral Country would dare to accept to produce an extraordinary movie film of science fiction including the most developped space industrial countries without useless comparison.

United States might accept but USA would be the leading space power of the whole world in a film scenario.

Russia might accept but Russia would be the leading space power of the whole world in many aspects as launchers rockets and projects in their scenario.

France might be rather neutral but would also unavoidably concentrate the most developped discoveries realized as first in Europe, in the following order, France first, then Germany, United Kigdom, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Spain and all other European countries. Would follow United States of America, Russia and China in their scenario, USA before the others  naturally due to NATO.

Who else? Italy and United Kingdom would favour USA; Germany might be independent with very advance film technologies… SWITZERLAND no doubt would be adequate. Mightbe logical or surprising…

Click on the link to have a glinse of the cover of:
N S E A  Nations Space Exploration Agency

An original and genuine science fiction novel including the most developped countries in the world in Space Industry as United States of America, Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany Italy, Sweden and the latest contributor who finally decided to join a fantastic club to conquer exoplanets.


e-mail contact:  vladex@sfr.fr

Guyane bien française ! NSEA Nations Space Exploration Agency by Wladimir Vostrikov


An original fantastic novel of science fiction.

N S E A  Nations Space Exploration Agency

An joint adventure of the most developed space and industrial countries of our world, of our planet Earth:

USA, Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and finally China who has decided to contribute to the international decision to discover new worlds exoplanets. First step Mars conquest and exoplanets in future.

The story process is logical: Seven NSEA stations build the necessary equipment, rockets, shuttles, modules etc. A geostationary station is being built with main basis in French Guyana called « Falaise Crevaux » – Jules Crevaux was a young explorer in the 18th century. The launching basis are Houston, Plesetsk, Baïkonour and Kourou plus the latest most sophisticated « Falaise Crevaux ». The geostationary station is roughly situated at 36000 km above French Guyana Atlantic Ocean. Moon and Mars are a first conquest. It’s a long adventure gathering the involved countries, with adventure, comic situations as well as dramatic.

N S E A  Agence d’exploration spatiale des nations – is written in French, any translation is welcome especially in English.

Перевод на Русский язык желательный.


Festival Salon du livre et de la BD de Mennecy



Cliquer sur le lien:


‌‌Un petit « bonjour » de Wladimir parmi 120 auteurs au Salon du Livre et de la BD d’Île de France de Mennecy, les 4 et 5 février 2017

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