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12 09 2012

Fin du monde à Bugarach – in other worlds End of the world in Bugarach »
End of the world, experienced and lived in Bugarach ! This is the title of Wladimir Vostrikov new novel – in French « FIN du MONDE à BUGARACH ». Predictions say: « end of the world everywhere on Earth except on top of the Bugarach mountain. The title of « Fin du monde à Bugarach » is intentional as most of predicators say exactly the opposite.
The story is a fantastic one !

Clic on following link:


A word about this novel. Some people in Great Britain and also in Europe and elsewhere in the world may recognize a situation experienced in the fifties ands sixties of last century. They came from many places in the world but especially from european countries, after world-war 2. Strange relationships led to the actual prediction of « End of the world on 21st december 2012. Fifty years later, those men remain unchanchanged and are obviously on the path of a common mission.

Should be translated in English first of all by a good translator as soon as possible.



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